First Thrive Market Order and New Travel Workout

Hi everyone! Happy Wednesday. We are about halfway through the week and the weekend is in sight! We are going ice skating with our students today so that should be fun. Some exciting things have happened recently (well exciting for me) and one of those things was receiving my first Thrive Market order!

Thrive Market is an amazing company where you can order healthy, organic, non-GMO items for up to 50% off what you would buy in the store. They also give away one membership to a needy person or family for everyone who buys a membership. I find that it is totally worth it because you get such good deals on all of the items!

I have been transitioning my diet to more of a paleo lifestyle and all of the foods I bought follow that lifestyle. I have been gluten, grain and dairy free for a couple of weeks and have been noticing big changes in myself and my body. Ghee is a big ingredient in the paleo work and I have yet to use it, so that was definitely on the shopping list. I was also looking forward to receiving the Primal Kitchen Ranch Dressing and the Honey Mustard Vinaigrette. Sir Kensington’s Mayo has been on my list for so long and I could not find it in any stores. I put it in my shopping cart as soon as I saw it online!

I have also noticed many people chatting recently about Eating Evolved. I am currently OBSESSED with chocolate and have a piece every night so I bought a bar of their chocolate. It is honestly one of the best chocolates I’ve ever had.

After getting my order I immediately tried adding the Great Lakes Collagen to my coffee. I am very excited to see any effects from drinking this everyday.

But here is what we are really here for today. I was visiting family over my February vacation so I did not have my set of weights with me. I really wanted to still do some strength training so I made sure to bring what I could. I brought my resistance bands, jump rope, and sliders. I put together this workout to do and it definitely left me out of breath and I could feel my muscles working! If you don’t have sliders you could always use a towel and if you are running short on time you can shorten the tabata blocks to 4 minutes.

Here are some links to view the strength exercises if you are unsure how to do them.

Side to Side Walk

Hamstring Curls

Standing Leg Extension

Slider Plie Squats

What’s your favorite workout to do while traveling?


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