A Breakfast Date and Museum Visit

Happy Tuesday and HAPPY SNOW DAY to anyone in the northeast! It is always such a treat to get a snow day, especially in March which is an incredibly long month for teachers around here. I got in ┬ámy workout this morning but now an enjoying a slow and carefree morning. I love being able to take my time to eat my breakfast and drink my coffee. But let’s head back to the weekend with a little recap!

I had plans to make oven baked baby back ribs on Friday night, but when I opened my cookbook around 6:00 PM I realized they were going to take 2 hours to cook. I was too hungry at that point to we decided to head out on a little dinner date. Our date took us to Stephie’s in Southie. I might have said this before but we used to live right across the street from Stephie’s and barely went there to eat, but since we’ve moved out of the city we have found ourselves here SO many times for brunch and dinner.

Chris ordered the macaroni and cheese with lobster and I had a spinach salad with grilled salmon and a side of asparagus.

We found ourselves in bed fairly early and I was up bright and early for a 7:30 AM Orangetheory class. I am obsessed with Orangetheory right now. It is such a good workout and a great way to push yourself and try something new.

I went back home after class and had to quickly get ready because we had a day date planned! Earlier in the week I was trying to think about something Chris and I could do this weekend. We decided to switch up our usual dinner date and went with breakfast and a trip to the museum. After that workout I was more than ready for a meal so we got ready and headed into Boston. We were eager and made out 10:30 reservation at Sonsie with time to spare, but luckily they were able to get us in right away.

I began my meal with a coffee and Chris had a cappuccino.

We were a little early for the brunch menu, but we were able to get breakfast and I have to say, their breakfast was so delicious. I made sure to fuel up well because we had a while before we would be eating again. I got the basic breakfast plate with eggs, ham, home fries and gluten free toast. Chris had the smoked salmon plate that included a bagel, cream cheese, tomato onion and salmon. We also added a side of fruit.

It was my first time trying smoked salmon and I cannot wait to have it again. I am also surprised it has taken me this long to try it. After our bellies were full we ventured over to the Museum of Fine Arts.

It was FREEZING on this day in Boston so we hurried inside.

I am really surprised it has taken us this long to make it to the MOFA. It was so nice to walk through the galleries and see the exhibits. We especially loved the Monet exhibit and I also enjoyed the mummies exhibit. There are actual real mummies in there!

We headed out after a few hours, had a quick lunch at home and then relaxed for a while. For dinner I was finally able to make the oven baked ribs. I can’t wait to make them again because they were awesome.

Another early night happened for me (I am really getting old) and Sunday consisted of a workout, meal planning and some prep! It was a great weekend and Chris and I had a great day being able to spend some quality time together.

Did you do anything fun this weekend?

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