What I Ate Wednesday

Hello folks! Here is a new episode of What I Ate Wednesday. This is actually what I ate on Tuesday, during our snow day when I was home and wanting all of the snacks. Does anyone else feel super hungry all the time when they have nothing to do? It is hard for me to sit in the apartment all day long and not eat everything in sight. I think I did a fairly good job yesterday, but did get a couple of snacks in there.

I slept in until about 7:30 and woke up ready to get my workout out of the way. I am doing the Hammer and Chisel program from Beachbody and did my scheduled workout along with a little Fitnessblender Abs. After my workout I was super hungry! I sauteed some spinach in ghee and added 2 scrambled eggs, along with some leftover plantain pancakes. I topped off my breakfast with a cup of coffee and a scoop of collagen.

Since it was a snow day I was pretty lazy for the rest of the day. As I said before, it is really hard for me to sit in the apartment all day and not get out. It really does something to my mood. I am currently reading The Shack, so I read that, watched the news, and did some laundry until it was time for lunch. Around 1:00 I put together a plate of leftover brussels sprouts, coleslaw, and some deli meat. I added some Sir Kensington’s Paleo Mayo and Primal Kitchen Ranch to my meat for some healthy fats.

I still felt a little hungry after so I also had an RX bar.

It was more reading, hanging out, watching TV, and doing laundry (I saved it all for today because I knew we were going to get a snowday) until dinner time. Our stomachs started to rumble around 5:30 so I threw together this Sausage Kale Potato Soup from the Whole30 cookbook.

I am not doing a Whole30, but I bought the cookbook because the meals are delicious and healthy.

I ended the night with a piece of Taza dark chocolate. Taza is a local company to Boston and makes stone ground chocolate. Taza was the first chocolate factory in the United States to establish a third-party certified Direct Trade Cacao Certification program. The chocolate is also certified organic and tastes so good. I would definitely recommend!

And of course… a glass of booch!

I didn’t snack as much as I felt like snacking, which I am going to consider a win. Sitting home all day and not raiding the cabinets is hard! By fueling myself with well rounded meals I was better able to control my cravings.

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