That Time I Signed up for a Half-Marathon

Hi everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve updated this little space of mine. Things have been busy with work/travel/and just life in general, but it’s ALMOST summer vacation and I’m ready to focus on one of my passions again.

Since I last checked in I’ve been eating super healthy, but also enjoying life and treats from time to time, getting in great workouts, and in general feeling better than I ever have. I’ve recently derailed slightly (basically just this past week) because I went to Las Vegas, had the BEST time ever and have been having trouble getting back on track since coming back home. The sugar monster is real and I have been eating sugar, carbs, and many things I would not have even considered eating at a couple of weeks ago.

I am someone who can get bored pretty easily when doing the same thing over and over and I decided I needed an extra spark to get motivated again and keep being my best self. Here is where the half-marathon comes in. A half-marathon is something I have thought about on and off for quite a few years now, but I always thought about it for a couple of days and then didn’t think it was actually possible, or the thought of running 13 miles was too much to comprehend. Something came over me last week and I decided to just go for it! I think after traveling to Vegas and seeing one of my co-workers travel to do a half-marathon, it motivated me a little more to use running as an excuse to travel! The half-marathon I signed up for is local, but if all goes well with this one I want to travel and complete more. I am 12 weeks out from the race and am about to begin my training. I am so excited, nervous, and just ready to get going!

Let’s rewind a little bit though and chat about the weekend. Friday night Chris and I went to a Red Sox game with some of our friends and had a great time. Saturday we had a date day which consisted of Dig Inn

My first Matcha Latte

And a Pressed Juicery Freeze

I decided that for my training I needed some new shoes. I went to Marathon Sports and got professionally fitted for a pair of shoes. I am so glad I did because the shoes I was given were shoes I never would have picked out for myself. One of my legs pronate so I need shoes with extra support. I also picked up a running belt and some reading.

The shoes I got are the New Balance 860s and they are so comfortable and supportive!

We ended Saturday with a date night! We are moving to Maine next week so we made our way to one of our favorite South Boston spots, Worden Hall. I enjoyed a bunless burger with brussels sprouts, and maybe some of that pizza as well.

Expect more from me coming up! I am wanting to use this space as a sort of diary for my training and a place to keep me accountable for my food choices!

Any tips for a first time distance runner??

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